IDES : Join English Meeting Regularly

Skhola IDES MeetingHalo Skholaship,

Did you remember why you want to learn English?

Just Check it out!

Suria Riska Samsuddin

I will in order can to speak  English and I Scared can not speak English

Candrika Puteri Seruni

I hope, I can become smart student and good speaking English

Nur Tessa Amelia

I hope I can speak English and worry if I can’t speak English

Indah Ananda Jamaluddin and Nova Chandra

So, I can speak English fluently

Triny Ayu Lestari

Hoping that I can speak english very good and worry if I can’t speak english then I can’t go to Aussie for study

Noviria Syifaun Nafsi, Anny Yusliani, Arifah Maharany Nur, and Zahra Dian Ayu Amanda

I can speak English more better…..

Rahayu Nurul R

I hope can speak in english and I worry if I can’t speak in English

Cut Hardiyanty P

I hope, I can experience in English speaking and my concept about english can be spacious

Hanna Datu Randan (Anna)

My hoping is I can speak english too everyday and can help me in school and for the next time

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