The Power of “Salamat Po”

Skhola Salama Po'Saying thanks is easy to say, just mention it. We always mention it in our life especially when we get help from someone even though just a bit moreover than it.

According to Imelda Fransiska, Miss Indonesia 2005, said that expressing her deepest thanks especial for persons who take a big part in our life is really important thing. It is happened because we can do anything without helping from anyone. We could not be strong without support from them, and if we don’t express our thanks to them. It means that we are conceited person.

Jazakallahu khayran is an Arabic term and Islamic expression of gratitude meaning “May Allah SWT rewards you for the good”. Although the common Arabic word for thanks is sukran, jazakallahu khayran is used by Muslims in its stead in belief that someone cannot repay a person enough, and that Allah SWT is able to reward the person best.

Thank you or gratitude according to Wikipedia as an internet encyclopedia that means a positive emotion, which involves feeling of emotional indebtedness towards another person; often accompanied by desire to thank them or to reciprocate for a favour that they have done for you. We may say that thank you is a polite expression of one’s gratitude.

Even though our culture teaches us at least by our parents when we still a how bit it that kindness we deserve to say thank you to them even that person don’t realize that he/she had helped us.

I have story from a comic book about thank, a book told about a little boy who has a bad attitude or naughty, and people around him claim that he was a looser. One day he didn’t realize that he helped another child and he lost his way, he showed the right way for that child and gave his hat. Then he left that child who lost his way and spied on that child behind the tree with a big question that “Have I ever done a good think? It is a natural question from this little boy who always claimed as a naughty person.

A few years later….Now he has growth up and made a relationship as best friend with someone. The naughty boy has visited his new friend and when he saw a hat that has been recognized in his friends’ room. He asked that who’s the owner of that hat and his friend answered that it’s from someone who has been saved him when he was still little boy couple years ago and he promised to keep that hat because he can’t forget him. The naughty boy was crying and he realized that still there is someone appreciate his little goodness, long time ago until now. Honestly, expression of thank has an own power.

In pop culture, expression of thank has a special attention. In list program of award event likes academy award until music award, and it is sound an important thing if they are the winner, they must stand on the stage and say thank to all people who have given contribution for their hard work.

In my experience when I want to finishing my thesis, there is a chapter to say thanks for the people who help my research and it is a difficult thing because so many persons that I have to write in it. All of them are very important for me I’m sure that you are the one who always say thanks to each contribution from someone even though just a little bit help. Let’s make our days with each count by always saying thanks especially to Allah SWT, Rasulullah PBUH and of course our parents.

Written by Edy Juspar

References : Saya Magazine,

Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality

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