Where there is a will, there is a way

Skhola Sonec

Before, I want to say thank you very much for brothers and sister because we can get new knowledge and experience from you all and I so happy join in this English Camp because I can meet with you brothers and sister eventhough in yesterday I little annoyed with brother Anca because when I call him for help me bring drinking water he don’t listen my voice so I bring that drinking water alone and also eventhough so many mosquito bite me but I can forget that all when I see you again brothers and sister cieeeee…..!!!!!!! hehehehe :)

I hope we can meet again in another time and another place and for brother Hendra I will always remember your message that we can learn with another people but we cannot be another people. For brother Nasrul I proud with you because you can study much about grammar and honestly I’m very difficult to study grammar. For sister Chelly, beautiful girl mmmm… I like you so much. Brother Anca always smile and thank you very much and I’m very proud with you.

I hope you all never forget me and I will miss you all

Written by : Hasni in SONiC English Weekend

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